Remote Control Functionality for Multiple Instances of PR

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Hi, I would love a feature similar to that on Spotify - whereby a browser or app client (that is NOT playing audio) could have it's functionality - song selection, playlist selection, play/pause, and volume control - fed to the app instance currently playing. Effectively each app acts like a remote control for whichever is currently playing.

Use scenario for myself - Pretzel is playing minimised behind a game and OBS, but users would be able to browse for a different playlist, pause or change track where needed, just by using a phone or tablet (currently where I monitor stream chat), rather than tabbing out.

I suspect it would take a fair amount of backend and UX alteration, however it could also be a useful framework to work from for future integrations and iterations of the Pretzel service - say, if pretzel expands to console apps and OBS widget one day.

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