Popout Viewer Music Player

I am making this suggestion because I love this platform and want to help it improve.

Feature: Link either on the twitch panel, or generated in the chat that viewers of a stream can click to open a browser window in order to hear the music the streamer is listening to. This would be alternative to the streamer encoding the music along with the stream.

Purpose: This would virtually eliminate DCMA hits against a channel since no music is encoded with the VOD or Clips. This also allows for more user engagement allowing them to:
-Adjust their own volume of the music separate from the stream.
-Choose not to click the link to listen to the music.
-Vote on thumbing up or down via their pages interface.
-Mute until next song.
-Get more info on the music.
-Leave feedback on tracks.

Along with other features that I am sure you all are better at coming up with then I am.

Thanks for making such a great platform!

Under consideration Suggested by: Owlextreme Upvoted: 28 Nov, '20 Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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